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Providing free Australian souvenirs as gifts to our guests has always been part of our Sydney and Melbourne tour offering. Our guests loved their complimentary souvenirs so much that they were often willing to pay for more. Great! Our products became so popular that it was decided to incorporate Australian souvenir sales as a new arm of 69 Tours.

Today, we offer a diverse range of beautiful, quality Australian themed souvenirs and gifts for sale. We sell in small quantities to retail customers and we sell large quantities to bulk purchase customers. We continue to provide complimentary Australian souvenirs as part of most of our Melbourne and Sydney private and small group tours.

Clicking the arrow on the left will scroll through the interactive menu to show a sample of various categories of Australian themed gifts that we stock.

Souvenir catalogue coming soon Quality assurance


We purchase our Australian souvenirs and gifts directly from the manufacturer in bulk. We can only check the quality of the stock once we receive it. The reality is that not every item that we receive will be of the highest quality. There may be some small issues such as scratches, imperfect stitching or printing, chips, tears or other forms of imperfection. We check all the items before sale and if we find such items we usually just give them away as freebies to clients that make larger purchases. So if you pay for our souvenirs you can rest assured that those souvenirs have been checked to ensure perfection and quality. If you do find additional items with your purchase they are possibly less than perfect freebies that have been added to your order as a thank you for making a larger purchase.