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Our packages are the fully inclusive, full service offering.

Our package offer begins BEFORE you purchase your airline ticket and travel insurance. If you are considering to use our package tours then contact us!! We will work with you to get the best deal on airfares and travel insurance. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars before you even get here. We can also assist you with your tourist visa application.

When you finally arrive in Melbourne you will be greeted by your driver and guide who will transport you to your included accommodation. Since the package is fully inclusive it means that you have nothing to worry about and very little additional costs.


There are 4 package options in 7 night intervals available. They differ only in their duration, and therefore, number of locations that can be visited and activities undertaken. The longer the duration of your stay the more you will be able to explore, see and experience.

NOTE: If your stay is not in a 7 night interval you will need to select the next higher option eg 12 nights = 14 night option.

One of the benefits of living with a local is that you will get to experience local cuisine and eat the food that people in Australia generally eat.

Remember…food and drink that is consumed in the host’s home at the home base is included in your package fees and is part of the package offering. Special care will be taken by your host to provide you with a variety of local meals.

Examples of the Australian menu are provided on the left.


Our package offering focuses on the experience factor of the travels, and this is reflected in the type and quality of accommodation that is offered. The quality of accommodation is secondary to the experience factor. This means that in some cases the accommodation may be quite simple if it offers other exceptional experience features. In other words, we may be camping if camping offers the opportunity to see and to interact with wild animals in their natural environment, or we may be staying in a self-contained apartment of exceptional quality if it offers unforgettable features and characteristics.

Whenever possible I try to seek out accommodation with features such as a gym, pool, sauna and tennis court as these features provide opportunities to experience activities which are not often undertaken by the typical individual.

Below is an example of some of the types and varieties of accommodation that you can expect to experience during your travels with a 69 Tours 14+ nights experience package.

This interactive menu presents an example of some of the local foods that you will be offered to try during your stay with your local host.


The base accomodation is in Melbourne, in the very leafy, safe and quiet suburb of North Caulfield. The unit style accomodation is not overly extravant but has all the comforts one would need. It is positioned on the ground floor with a small courtyard and living area of 100m2. There are two available bedrooms, two bathrooms and a modern kitchen with appliances such as toaster, oven, dishwasher, and ofcourse, fridge and freezer. One of the bathrooms has a shower, washbasin and toilet. The other has shower above the bathtub, a washbasin and toilet, and a frontloader washing machine. Although not needed during the summer period, there is also central heating. There is fast wi-fi internet throughout.

Press the red right pointing arrow above to scroll through some of the features and key characteristics of the base accomodation.

This interactive menu presents a sample of the accommodation and their features experienced as part of multi-day tours.

NOTE: Photos supplied by accommodation suppliers.